Modular wooden racks made to serve the divine drink.

Countless shapes or sizes of racks. Easy assembly without tools, screws or glue.

Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to technological innovations, designing and processing of natural and quality wood material. After many years of work we have won the production technology and made an innovative product:

Modular wooden elements for making racks for keeping bottles of wine

In order to realize a unique constructive solution, we designed special tools and equipment for final processing of elements.

We made only the first step and in accordance with the eternal nature and needs of the users, we designed several models of racks. Today, most of the models at the market are the suggestions and creations of our users. Thanks to their creativity and imagination, our assortment is extending to mutual satisfaction.

Our products, with their quality and purpose, are worth of markets and the divine drink – wine.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions, for single and two-fold storage of bottles

Technical features

  • An original design and constructive solution
  • Modularity of elements allows simple and fast installing and dismantling of racks without tools, screws, glue...
  • The ability to create countless shapes or sizes of racks, using horizontal, vertical or diagonal parts of elements, for single and double sided placing of bottles with wine
  • A hole of Ø 90 mm allows placing of all standard bottles that are in commercial use
  • Wide application of racks in households, catering, enoteche and wineries
  • Savings in accommodation and transport space for dismantled racks

Provided conditions

  • A bottle is in a horizontal position with a constantly moistened cork that prevents the penetration of the air into the bottle and the oxidation of wine
  • The exposure to harmful daily or artificial light, which negatively affects the quality of wine is reduced
  • Optimum air circulation is possible without sudden temperature fluctuations
  • Elastic rack construction alleviates possible unwanted vibrations
  • A bottle of wine is placed in the natural environment of wood material

If wine is Your bottled poetry, our racks are your library.

Special offer

We use highest quality cherry, walnut, oak, ash, and beech material for production. Nuances ranging from white to red are achieved by natural process - steaming.